1. How will I know if my package is ready ?

    You will receive a notification when your package(s) is ready and be prompted to schedule convenient delivery; you can also log in to your account and check the status of each order.

  2. What are your rates?

    Our rates are as follows:

    1LB – $400
    2LBS – $500
    3LBS – $1000
    4LBS – $1200
    ($200 for each additional pound)

  3. How will I know my charges?

    You will be notified via email or you can log into your account and view your balance.


  4. What payment methods are accepted at drop-off?

    We accept cash and all major debit/cards.

  5. What are the various discounts you offer?

    We have quite a few discount programs, some of which are our referral program, loyalty program and registry discounts.

  6. How do I schedule a delivery?

    You can schedule delivery by (a) following the link in the notification email sent to you or (b) log in to your account and clicking the “schedule delivery” option.